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Lab Safety Training Materials
Effective August 31, 2007, HHMI's lab safety materials are discontinued.

HHMI is happy to have been a pioneer in the safety education field for many years. In recent years, the safety education field has evolved dramatically—NIH and other federal agencies have increasingly assumed a leadership role; institutions hosting our Investigators have invested significant resources to implement and maintain robust training and compliance programs; and private companies have been formed with the express purpose being to educate and oversee compliance in the safety field. In light of the changing landscape in the safety field, HHMI does not see the type of unique un-met need that previously existed.

While portions of our old safety training series may remain pertinent, the materials have become quite dated, both from a safety compliance standpoint and from a presentation standpoint. The videos drew heavily upon the words and images of former HHMI employees. Given this dating, we are no longer comfortable distributing or reproducing these materials.

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