Research [ November 18, 2015 ]

Scientists show they can control whether mice perceive a taste as bitter or sweet by activating two small areas of the brain.

Research [ November 8, 2015 ]

HHMI investigators Karl Deisseroth and Helen Hobbs are among five scientists honored for transformative advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.

Research [ October 28, 2015 ]

HHMI scientists have identified a set of proteins that plays a surprisingly broad role in guiding tissue formation in plant roots.

Research [ October 26, 2015 ]

Within less than a second, the new IsoView microscope produces images of entire organisms, such as a zebrafish or fruit fly embryo, with enough resolution in all three dimensions that each cell appears as a distinct structure.

Research [ October 7, 2015 ]

HHMI's Paul Modrich shares 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Tomas Lindahl and Aziz Sancar for studies of DNA repair.

Research [ October 1, 2015 ]

New research indicates individual human neurons may harbor up to 1,000 genetic mutations.

Research [ September 8, 2015 ]

HHMI Investigator Stephen Elledge of Brigham and Women's Hospital shares the 2015 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award with Evelyn Witkin of Rutgers University.

Science Education [ September 8, 2015 ]

HHMI and the Zooniverse launch WildCam Gorongosa, a new citizen science project.

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