Research [ July 20, 2014 ]

Janelia researchers develop a new computational method that can essentially automate much of the time-consuming process of reconstructing an animal's developmental building plan cell by cell.

Science Education [ June 30, 2014 ]

Fifteen outstanding researchers from 13 institutions are named HHMI Professors.

Research [ June 9, 2014 ]

HHMI and GBMF announce the establishment of an Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia that will make leading-edge imaging technologies more widely available to the scientific community before the instruments are available commercially.

Research [ June 8, 2014 ]

Every millisecond counts when a fruit fly is being hunted by a damselfly. Janelia scientists find that fruit flies can deploy two escape behaviors, depending on circumstances.

Research [ June 1, 2014 ]

HHMI researchers find that a single-letter change in the genetic code is enough to generate blond hair in humans.

Science Education [ May 29, 2014 ]

HHMI selects 37 research universities to receive $60 million in grants to improve how science is taught. 

Science Education [ May 29, 2014 ]

Through its 2014 Sustaining Excellence competition, HHMI is awarding new science education grants that will support activities at 37 research universities.

Institute [ May 27, 2014 ]

Peter Walter shares prize for discovery of the unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum.