Research [ June 17, 2016 ]

Janelia scientists find that a molecule best known for its role in pain perception also plays an important role in regulating body weight.

Research [ June 2, 2016 ]

HHMI scientists have pioneered the use of genome editing to trace lineage in living systems.

Institute [ June 1, 2016 ]

HHMI Investigator David E. Clapham, MD, PhD, will become Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, effective September 1, 2016.

Institute [ May 31, 2016 ]

Zoghbi shares Shaw Prize for research leading to discovery of genes and proteins involved in Rett syndrome.

Research [ May 26, 2016 ]

Researchers have discovered that fat tissue is a previously unrecognized reservoir of trypanosomes, the parasites that cause sleeping sickness.

Science Education [ May 25, 2016 ]

Ninety-one schools have been invited to submit full proposals to apply for grants through HHMI’s $60 million Inclusive Excellence initiative that is encouraging colleges and universities to broaden access to science excellence for all students.

Research [ May 18, 2016 ]

HHMI scientists have designed a potential cancer therapy that uses a unique strategy to block a molecule that drives the growth of cancer.

Science Education [ May 11, 2016 ]

A new partnership between HHMI’s Educational Media Group and the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI) at Universidad de Chile will provide teachers and students in Latin America with free access to science education materials produced by HHMI BioInteractive.

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