Research [ April 29, 2015 ]

Studying fruit fly larvae, Janelia scientists have mapped the entire neural circuit involved in combining vibration and pain sensations used in triggering an escape behavior.

Institute [ April 28, 2015 ]

HHMI scientists are among 84 newly elected members.

Science Education [ April 28, 2015 ]

Thousands of undergraduate students contribute to new study that broadens understanding of genetic diversity of bacteriophages.

Research [ April 27, 2015 ]

Negative emotions associated with hunger can make it hard to maintain a diet and lose weight. Hunger-sensitive cells in the brain may help explain that struggle.

Institute [ April 21, 2015 ]

Eleven HHMI scientists are elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Institute [ April 20, 2015 ]

Sixty-eight medical and veterinary students from 37 different schools across the country will participate in HHMI's year-long Medical Research Fellows Program.

Research [ April 14, 2015 ]

HHMI researchers develop a new single-cell imaging technique that reveals the copy numbers and locations of thousands of RNA molecules inside a cell.

Institute [ April 7, 2015 ]

On May 13, Princeton University President Emerita Shirley Tilghman will deliver a talk, “The Wild and Wacky World of Epigenetics” at 7:00 p.m. at Janelia Research Campus.