Research [ September 17, 2014 ]

HHMI scientists have shown that previously unrecognized groups contributed to the genetic mix now present in most modern-day Europeans.

Science Education [ September 17, 2014 ]

HHMI expands the Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study, a highly successful program for graduate students who are pursuing a PhD in the life sciences and who are committed to increasing diversity among scientists.

Research [ September 9, 2014 ]

HHMI Investigator Sangeeta Bhatia is recognized for designing and commercializing miniaturized technologies with applications to improve human health.

Research [ September 8, 2014 ]

HHMI Investigator Peter Walter of UCSF shares the 2014 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award with Kazutoshi Mori of Kyoto University.

Research [ August 27, 2014 ]

New research by HHMI scientists shows that the emotional memory of an experience is malleable.

Research [ August 25, 2014 ]

Janelia scientists are learning how the brain makes sense of new places.

Research [ August 20, 2014 ]

HHMI scientists have devised a technique to identify hard-to-find gene mutations that crop up in a fraction of the body's cells.

Research [ August 19, 2014 ]

By studying dirty flies, Janelia scientists hope to learn how animals carry out sequences of movements that make up more complex behaviors.

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