While filling in for public school teachers who are away on sabbatical, some recent science graduates from the College of the Holy Cross discover that teaching is their calling.

Science teacher Brian CookWhile teachers from the Worcester Public Schools take a year's sabbatical at Holy Cross, their positions are filled by recent science graduates from the college. Most of the young teachers want to serve the Worcester community and take a year or two off before returning to medical or graduate school. Some of them decide to remain in teaching instead.

That's what happened to Brian Cook, who filled a position at Worcester South High School after graduating from Holy Cross in 1992. Cook had planned to go to graduate school and was accepted into several programs. But he slowly changed his mind. "After a lot of careful thought," he said, "I realized that I was already doing what I wanted to do." Today he teaches social sciences and biology at a private school in New Hampshire, where he also coaches several sports.

Another Holy Cross graduate, Sean Majoy, is currently filling Dermot Shea's position at Forest Grove Middle School while Shea is on sabbatical at Holy Cross. Majoy attended the same school a decade earlier as a student and "found it awkward at first to start calling teachers by their first names." But he has settled in quickly and says, "I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching science in an exciting way." Although unsure about his long-term plans, he has enjoyed teaching and might pursue formal certification.

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