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Janelia Farm Fact Sheets


Fact sheets for the Janelia Research campus in Ashburn, Virginia.

Brief Background of HHMI
Learn more about how the Janelia Farm Research Campus is an extension of HHMI's commitment to research and discovery, along with directions to the Ashburn, Virginia, campus.

Brief Background of HHMI (613KB PDF)

Team, Construction, and Building Facts
Curious about how many tons of steel support the main laboratory building at Janelia Farm? Or how many man-hours were needed to install the glass? Learn more about those and other facts about the building, the site, and the landscape.

Team, Construction, and Building Facts (84KB PDF)

Scientific Program Facts
Fast facts about Janelia Farm research, the organization of scientific staff, the graduate program, and scientific support services.

Scientific Program Facts (70KB PDF)

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