The HHMI Bulletin iPad app is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

Bulletin iPad Edition

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute announces that its quarterly magazine, the HHMI Bulletin, is now available for the Apple iPad. The tablet computer edition is the latest addition to the family of Bulletin publications, which includes highly acclaimed print and Web versions. The free app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

Beginning with the February 2011 issue, each iPad edition will offer the same inspiring stories and beautiful design that readers have come to expect from print and Web versions of the magazine, plus opportunities to dive deeper into the content through interactive animations, slideshows, and sidebars. The HHMI Bulletin app is 100 percent content, uninterrupted by ads. And as always, every article is scientist-vetted, so the reader can be assured of accuracy.

The app allows users to keep as many issues of the Bulletin on the bookshelf as desired, available to read at leisure, in either landscape or portrait mode. Back issues from August 2010 onward are available from inside the app.

The ability to provide instantaneous delivery of the magazine’s stories of scientific discovery to readers around the world speaks to the mission of the Institute. More than ever, science is a global endeavor. By reaching a wider circle of readers, HHMI hopes to inspire more cross-nation collaboration and a greater infusion of students into the scientific pipeline, as well as raise awareness among leaders, policy-makers, and the general public around the world.

HHMI views the Bulletin app as an evolving project and will be listening to reader feedback to shape the content going forward, finding ever more compelling ways to present the important work of researchers and science educators supported by the Institute.

For those without an iPad, the Bulletin is available by visiting, where it is also possible to sign up for a free print subscription. Design of the Bulletin and development of the app is by VSA Partners. All comments can be sent to

Download the free HHMI Bulletin iPad app from the iTunes App Store.


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