New Web site provides 'one-stop shopping' for young researchers seeking fellowships, grants.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) today unveiled a new site on the Internet that offers young scientists an unparalleled collection of information on how to obtain support for research and advanced training in the biomedical sciences.

GrantsNet ( ) provides an extensive database on fellowships, grants and other sources of support for young biomedical scientists. The site also features links to the Web sites of funders, online applications, stories about previous fellowship recipients and comments from recent application reviewers.

"GrantsNet will provide a single source of information about support for research training," said HHMI's president Purnell W. Choppin. "This will make it much easier for young scientists to identify funding opportunities quickly and efficiently."

GrantsNet was developed through a three-year grant of $825,000 from HHMI to the AAAS, the publisher of Science magazine. The site takes advantage of Science's expertise in presenting material on the Web; Science's Next Wave site has become a gathering spot for tens of thousands of young scientists looking for career information. The two institutions-HHMI and AAAS-developed GrantsNet jointly.

"GrantsNet offers 'one-stop shopping' for young researchers on the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels," said Ellis Rubinstein, editor of Science. "It's a unique resource."

Built on an extensive collection of career resources data originally compiled by HHMI, GrantsNet includes funding information from many different foundations and other nonprofit organizations. Currently focused on graduate and postgraduate training and junior faculty positions, the site will soon expand to encompass undergraduate and precollege science education.

"GrantsNet represents a major collaboration among the funders of science education programs," said Joseph G. Perpich, HHMI's vice president for grants and special programs. "It combines the strengths of the world of philanthropy with the Web to make information available throughout the research and education communities."

Medical students and physicians can use GrantsNet to find programs that provide financial support for physician-researchers. Graduate students can find out about possible funding for postdoctoral positions. Undergraduates thinking of going to graduate school can learn about fellowships and other sources of support.

In addition, the site offers insights from individuals who have previously received funding. On GrantsNet, they discuss their experiences and pass along tips. What are funders really looking for? How can applicants improve their chances of receiving support? What lies ahead once a fellowship or grant is obtained?

GrantsNet is among several recent HHMI initiatives that provide information about biomedical research and science education on the Web. HHMI's home page is at . The AAAS home page is at .

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