Eight HHMI investigators and three HHMI professors are among the 190 new fellows and 22 foreign honorary members elected.

Eight Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators, three HHMI professors, one Trustee, and two members of the Institute's advisory boards are among the 190 new fellows and 22 foreign honorary members elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Membership in the American Academy honors individuals who have made prominent contributions to society and to their disciplines, which include mathematics, physics, biological sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts, public affairs and business. The Academy's broad-based membership gives it a unique capacity to conduct a wide range of interdisciplinary studies and public policy research.

This year's new fellows and foreign honorary members include scholars, scientists, artists, civic, corporate, and philanthropic leaders from 20 states and 15 countries. The Academy will welcome this year's new class at its annual Induction Ceremony on October 11, at the Academy's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The HHMI scientists newly elected to the Academy are:

HHMI Investigators

Linda Buck

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Lawrence S. Goldstein

University of California, San Diego

John Kuriyan

University of California, Berkeley

Stephen G. Lisberger

University of California, San Francisco

Craig Mello

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Norbert Perrimon

Harvard Medical School

Louis J. Ptáček

University of California, San Francisco

Leonard I. Zon

Children's Hospital, Boston

HHMI Professors

Utpal Banerjee

University of California, Los Angeles

Jasper Rine

University of California, Berkeley

Huntington Willard

Duke University,
Member, HHMI Scientific Review Board

HHMI Trustee

James A. Baker

HHMI Advisory Board Members

Mary Beckerle

Member, HHMI Scientific Review Board

Bruce W. Stillman

Member, HHMI Medical Advisory Board

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