Resources--animations, video, still images and related materials--for the Y-map.

A Brief Biography of David Page


Genes and Gender
The Webcast lectures of David Page and Barbara Meyer from the Holiday Lectures on Science 2001


Page in the News
Fathers Pass Infertility to Sons
HHMI News, June 30, 1999

New Evidence Pushes Back Age of Sex-Determining Chromosomes
HHMI News, October 28, 1999

Mutation on Y Chromosome Stops Sperm Production
HHMI News, December 1, 1999

Mutation Rate of Male Sex Chromosome Lower than Expected
HHMI News, August 10, 2000


From the HHMI Bulletin
"Book of Y: The Unfinished Story of the Genesis of Maleness"
Volume 13, Number 2, September 2000

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