Research [ February 26, 2015 ]

Scientists at Janelia Research Campus have identified a neural circuit that connects motor planning to movement.

Research [ February 12, 2015 ]

A new tool developed at HHMI's Janelia Research Campus lets scientists permanently mark neurons that are active at a particular time. 

Research [ January 30, 2015 ]

New studies by HHMI scientists show how cells use sophisticated signaling mechanisms to control production of interferon.

Research [ January 26, 2015 ]

HHMI researchers have identified a neural circuit in the subfornical organ that regulates thirst in mice.

Research [ January 24, 2015 ]

When battling a chronic infection, killer T cells must take a break so they can continue to fight off infection.

Research [ January 21, 2015 ]

Janelia researchers show that Hox proteins trigger gene activity through weak interactions at previously unrecognized DNA binding sites in the genome.

Institute [ January 15, 2015 ]

On February 18, Janelia group leader Luke Lavis will speak about “The Chemistry of Color” at 7:00 p.m. at Janelia Research Campus.

Research [ January 12, 2015 ]

Scientists have determined new structures of an essential cellular recycling machine with near atomic-level detail. The structures, which show a protein called NSF alone and interacting with its target, a protein complex called SNARE that is formed when membranes fuse together.