Institute [ October 20, 2014 ]

Six HHMI scientists have been elected to membership in the Institute of Medicine.

Institute [ October 14, 2014 ]

On November 19, Janelia group leader Gwyneth Card will deliver a talk, "Taking Action: How Small Brains Make Big Choices."

[ October 8, 2014 ]

Video, images, and related news resources for use by the media in covering the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Research [ October 8, 2014 ]

Janelia group leader Eric Betzig wins Nobel Prize for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.

Research [ October 2, 2014 ]

Retracing the ancient battles between jumping genes and the defenses human cells deploy to keep them in check.

Research [ September 25, 2014 ]

Janelia scientists are learning how the brain switches between random and strategic modes.

Research [ September 17, 2014 ]

HHMI scientists have shown that previously unrecognized groups contributed to the genetic mix now present in most modern-day Europeans.

Science Education [ September 17, 2014 ]

HHMI expands the Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study, a highly successful program for graduate students who are pursuing a PhD in the life sciences and who are committed to increasing diversity among scientists.