Details of the 1997 Holiday Lecture Series.

High school students throughout the United States and Canada will receive an unusual challenge on December 8 and 9 when the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) broadcasts this year's Holiday Lectures on Science. Two of the world's leading neuroscientists will ask the students and other viewers to consider how they are able to see and hear the broadcast.

HHMI investigators A. James Hudspeth and Jeremy H. Nathans will discuss how our brains make sense of the sights and sounds that surround us. Using lively demonstrations, they will explore the varieties of sensory experience and the biological mechanisms underlying them. HHMI, the largest U.S. philanthropy, will broadcast the four one-hour talks via satellite and cable throughout the United States and Canada as a free public service.

The lectures were established five years ago for students in the Washington, D.C., area but have grown rapidly into a multimedia event watched by large numbers of students and teachers. Last year the lectures reached an estimated audience of 7,000 junior and senior high schools via satellite and were subsequently rebroadcast to an additional 12,000 schools by the Channel One Network. HHMI also has created a free comprehensive resource packet for teachers and students, as well as an award-winning Web site with extensive links and a "Virtual Lab" where students can carry out experiments electronically. This year, for the first time, the lectures will be "Webcast" live over the Web site. The URL is

1997 Holiday Lectures on Science "Senses and Sensitivity: Neuronal Alliances for Sight and Sound"

A. James Hudspeth, Ph.D., M.D., HHMI Investigator and Head of the Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience, The Rockefeller University, New York Jeremy H. Nathans, M.D., Ph.D., HHMI Investigator and Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, of Neuroscience, and of Ophthalmology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, Maryland

December 8 and 9, 1997 (See program schedule and satellite coordinates)

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