Research [ January 16, 2017 ]

HHMI scientists develop a much-needed genetic resource that is aiding development of wheat plants with improved traits.

Research [ December 4, 2016 ]

HHMI investigators Stephen Elledge, Roel Nusse and Huda Zoghbi are among the scientists honored for transformative advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.

Research [ November 23, 2016 ]

HHMI researchers identify the mechanisms that pathogenic bacteria use to waterlog the space between plant cells in the leaves, allowing the bacteria to reproduce and spread infection.  

Institute [ November 21, 2016 ]

Eight HHMI scientists are among 391 new Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Research [ November 3, 2016 ]

Janelia scientists have developed the first adaptive light-sheet microscope — an instrument that continuously analyzes and adapts to dynamic changes in a specimen and thereby improves spatial resolution.

Research [ November 2, 2016 ]

HHMI researchers find that a gene that blocks the differentiation of pigment-producing cells in the skin of the African striped mouse helps in generating the mouse’s characteristic light-colored stripes.

Research [ November 2, 2016 ]

The first unbiased genetic screen for sleep defects in mice yields two interesting mutants, Sleepy, which sleeps excessively, and Dreamless, which lacks rapid eye movement sleep.

Research [ October 27, 2016 ]

Janelia scientists are learning how animals adjust their physical exertion as changes in the environment or their own bodies alter how efficiently they move. 

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