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Janelia Conference Scholarships for Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (JCSSDB)

JCSSDB is a program that promotes diversity in science by providing funds for travel to a Janelia Conference and associated meeting expenses to graduate students that: belong to groups underrepresented in the sciences, come from disadvantaged backgrounds, or are interested in promoting diversity in the sciences.

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Any matriculated graduate student may apply. To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must self-identify as a member of a group underrepresented in the sciences, as having come from a disadvantaged background, or as being interested in promoting diversity in the sciences.

A student is considered to come from a disadvantaged background if he or she comes from an environment that hindered (but did not prevent) him or her from obtaining knowledge, skills, and ability required to enroll in an undergraduate institution. For example, students from very low-income families (such as those eligible for food stamps or public housing) or whose parents did not go to college are considered to come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The deadline for materials, including reference letters, is May 14, 2014 2PM ET.

We strongly recommend that you begin by nominating your referee early. Many referees are busy people and you should afford them as long as possible to write and upload their letters.

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