Laboratory Manager I

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Full Time (40 hours/week)


Columbia University
New York, New York

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Thomas Jessell, PhD

Job Summary:

The Laboratory Manager supervises and performs technical and administrative tasks at one of HHMI's laboratories at Columbia University. The laboratory consists of 20 researchers and technicians employing molecular and cellular approaches to establishing links between neural circuits and motor behavior.

The Laboratory Manager ensures appropriate expenditure of laboratory funds on specific projects; manages lab safety programs to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations; serves as liaison to various administrative offices; oversees equipment maintenance; assists in laboratory space and facilities planning and makes recommendations for changes; purchases and maintains inventory of laboratory stocks and equipment, and participates in lab science in areas that may include cell and tissue culture, molecular cloning methods and/or recombinant viral tracing techniques.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Manages day-to-day activities within the research laboratory including, ensuring stocks of adequate lab supplies; monitoring operation of essential equipment, reviewing budgets, and organizing and scheduling lab meetings.
  • Acts as liaison between investigator and host institution administrative offices on issues such as budget management, fixed asset inventories, purchasing, etc.
  • Acts as liaison between lab and host safety and regulatory offices to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Assists in developing laboratory guidelines; maintains procedures manuals, and evaluates new materials and equipment
  • Trains incoming personnel in proper lab conduct, and instructs in experimental protocols
  • Helps organize research grant proposal

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in basic or physical sciences, with at least three years of lab experience, including at least one year of supervisory experience
  • Operational knowledge of common wet lab equipment
  • Ability to help supervise and train others
  • Ability to initiate and compose communications for various purposes in an appropriate style
  • Ability to review goals, analyze processes necessary to achieve those goals, and develop techniques and systems required to meet those goals
  • Ability to develop new areas and seeks opportunity to apply new knowledge

Additional Information:

Please include a cover letter including salary requirement, and three references with your resume. Please include the job title in the subject line.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, please email your resume to:

Kathleen A. MacArthur-Group
Admin Coordinator - Lab
Email: km219@columbia.edu

Application Deadline:

Open Until Filled

HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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