The 2010 fellows are (from left) Mariam El-Ashmawy, Flavian D. Brown, Silvia N. Kariuki, Lisandro
Maya-Ramos, and Rachel A. Johnston.

Photos: El-Ashmawy: Amy Gutierrez;  Brown: Tom Roster; Kariuki: Mark Segal; Maya-Ramos: Mark Harmel; Johnston: Ken Stinnett.

2010 Gilliam Fellows

After his grandmother died of liver cancer, Flavian D. Brown decided to devote his career to cancer research. Rachel A. Johnston's childhood obsession with breeding guppies started her down the path to becoming a population geneticist. They are just two of the five exceptional students who received HHMI's 2010 Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study. Since 2005, Gilliam fellowships have helped 30 students go to graduate school. Gilliam fellows come from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences and are former participants in the Institute's Exceptional Research Opportunities Program. Each fellow receives $44,000 in graduate school support annually for up to five years.