Upcoming Workshops and Events

Winter/Spring 2016

HASTI Conference - February 3-5 - Indianapolis, IN
Workshop: Explore HHMI BioInteractive Virtual Labs (Sherry Annee)
Workshop: Exploring a Genetic Trait with Sticklebacks (Sherry Annee)

GSTA Conference - February 4-6 - Stone Mountain, GA
Workshop: Gorongosa: A Case Study in Conservation (Bob Kuhn)
Workshop: Using Authentic Data Points as Formative Assessment (Bob Kuhn)
Workshop: The Rock Pocket Mouse (Jen Forsyth-Barnes)

MAEOE Conference - February 4-7 - Ocean City, MD
Movie Event: Scientists at Work
Workshop: Welcome to the Anthropocene: Teaching Resources for a New Epoch (Mark Nielsen)
Workshop: Teach Inquiry-based Ecology with a Citizen Science Trail Camera Project (Bridget Conneely & Takisha Reece)
Workshop: STEM Resources for Teaching Climate Change: Easy, Engaging, and Free (Laura Dinerman)

Life Science Institute - February 6 - Western Springs, IL
All day set of workshops highlighting evolution (Jason Crean, Michele Koehler, Kathy VanHoeck)

AAAS Family Science Days - February 13-14 - Washington, DC
Exhibit Hall: Explore WildCam Gorongosa and find (and keep) your own fossils

ASTA Conference - February 16-17 - Birmingham, AL
Workshop: Using HHMI BioInteractive Resources to Explore Phylogenetic Trees (Mary Williams)

Interface 2016 Conference - February 21-23 - Missouri
Workshop: Implementing Statistics in the Biology Classroom: A Hands-on Workshop (Pam Close)