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Teacher Guide: AP Biology


This guide correlates all the resources available on the Holiday Lectures on Science DVDs and throughout the BioInteractive.org website to specific Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings, and Essential Knowledge threads of the new AP® Biology Curriculum Framework. 

Updated June 2014

Each part of the guide organizes the resources in terms of the four Big Ideas, the Enduring Understandings, and the Essential Knowledge threads contained in the curriculum. The resources contain animations, lecture materials, video clips, interactive “click-and-learn” activities, virtual labs, short films, and classroom activities specific to the AP® Biology course topics. In addition, the resources are grouped together by their subject matter.

To appeal to a broad range of users, the guide is provided in two formats, PDF and Excel. The PDF version of the guide provides more detailed information regarding resource types, descriptions, and framework correlations. The Excel version has an easy-to-use table providing teachers a simple way to find resources correlated to the curriculum framework.

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