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  • The Y Chromosome

    The Y Chromosome


    (2 min 46 sec) The Y chromosome has been likened to a hall of mirrors because its sequence contains many sections that appear to be palindromes. These palindromes provide a clue to some interesting events that may have occurred during the course of the chromosome's evolution.

  • Evolution of the Y Chromosome

    Evolution of the Y Chromosome


    (5 min 39 sec) How did the human Y chromosome become so small relative to its X counterpart? This animation depicts the 300-million-year odyssey of the sex chromosomes that began when the proto X and Y were an identical pair.

  • Emerging Infections: How Epidemics Arise

    Emerging Infections: How Epidemics Arise


    (59 min) Dr. Ganem analyses the complex causes of epidemics—how changes in the environment and in human social behavior can give rise to new infectious diseases.

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