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  • Larval Biscuit

    Larval Biscuit

    Image of the Week

    A pluteus larva of the sea biscuit, Clypeaster subdepressus, an echinoderm closely related to sea urchins.

  • Finding A Place On The Tree

    Finding A Place On The Tree

    Image of the Week

    Dendrogramma is a newly-discovered species of deep sea siphonophore.

  • Bird's Eye View

    Bird's Eye View

    Image of the Week

    Unlike the human retina, in which red and green cones are randomly distributed, the five cone types of the bird’s retina are arranged in a highly regular mosaic.

  • Primate in a Pumpkin

    Primate in a Pumpkin

    Image of the Week

    The Aye-Aye is a nocturnal lemur, a member of a group of primates that live only on the island of Madagascar. 

  • Cracking the Hardest Nut

    Cracking the Hardest Nut

    Image of the Week

    The Large Ground-Finch (Geospiza magnirostris) has the largest beak of all Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Islands.

  • The Lone Anole

    The Lone Anole

    Image of the Week

    The Plymouth anole (Anolis lividus) lizard is found only on the Caribbean island of Montserrat—and it is the only anole species living there.

  • Wallace's Golden Birdwing Butterfly

    Wallace's Golden Birdwing Butterfly

    Image of the Week

    The golden birdwing provided a striking clue to the natural origin of species.