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  • New Brain Resolution

    New Brain Resolution

    Image of the Week

    A network of neurons in the brain of a mouse imaged using a novel microscopy technique.

  • Polychromatic EM

    Polychromatic EM

    Image of the Week

    A new technique for labeling proteins and other molecules allows them to be clearly visualized and localized in cells in color using electron microscopy.

  • Red Tattoo

    Red Tattoo

    Image of the Week

    A section of stained human skin bearing a red tattoo.

  • Spiny Cells

    Spiny Cells

    Image of the Week

    A drawing, made by Santiago Ramón y Cajal of pyramidal neurons in the cerebral cortex of a rabbit, documented the presence of dendritic spines on the surfaces of some of the cells.

  • Spooky Sedge

    Spooky Sedge

    Image of the Week

    Oh the horror! A cross-section of the stem of yellow nut sedge plant (Cyperus esculentus)

  • Expanding Cells

    Expanding Cells

    Image of the Week

    Using a new technique called expansion microscopy, scientists are able to see more details in their specimens.

  • Plaque Attack

    Plaque Attack

    Image of the Week

    An amyloid plaque (in purple) is surrounded by branches of damaged neurons (multiple colors) in the brain of a mouse with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Counting Glomeruli

    Counting Glomeruli

    Image of the Week

    The human kidney contains about 1 million tiny filters called glomeruli with associated nephron tubules.