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  • Dad Feathers

    Dad Feathers

    Image of the Week

    The male peafowl, or peacock, invests a lot in his appearance.

  • Sexual Evolution: From X to Y

    Sexual Evolution: From X to Y


    (1 hr 28 sec) Dr. Page explains how successive inversions and deletions of the Y chromosome during mammalian evolution have reduced it to its present form—small and sparsely populated with genes.

  • The Meaning of Sex: Genes and Gender

    The Meaning of Sex: Genes and Gender


    Four talks focus on sex determination—the molecular and genetic mechanisms that determine whether an organism will be male, female or a hermaphrodite.

  • Clonal vs Sexual Reproduction

    Clonal vs Sexual Reproduction


    (8 min 56 sec) What does a stack of fruits and vegetables have to do with the theoretical advantages of sexual reproduction? Find out in this demonstration with student audience members and Dr. David Page.