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  • Lactase Film with Quiz

    Lactase Film with Quiz

    Interactive Video

    (14 min 52 sec) Embedded quiz modules test students’ understanding as they watch a short film that explores the evolution of the ability to digest lactose as adults (lactose tolerance) and the genetic changes associated with the trait.

  • How We Get Our Skin Color Interactive

    How We Get Our Skin Color Interactive

    Interactive Video

    (3 min 32 sec) This interactive animation about the biology of skin color provides stop points at which students can further explore the material through additional text and illustrations, videos, questions, and simple interactive widgets.

  • How The Body Uses Fat

    How The Body Uses Fat

    Click & Learn

    This slide show explores some of the ways the body processes fat, including digestion, transport, conversion, and energy extraction.

  • Molecular Structure of Fat

    Molecular Structure of Fat

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    This slide show delves into the various molecular shapes that fat can take.

  • Measuring Obesity

    Measuring Obesity

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    There is no way to directly measure how much fat a living person has. Learn about the various methods used by researchers and fitness advisors to estimate a person’s body fat.