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  • Red Tattoo

    Red Tattoo

    Image of the Week

    A section of stained human skin bearing a red tattoo.

  • Tugging The Cellular Heartstrings

    Tugging The Cellular Heartstrings

    Image of the Week

    The microtubules inside cardiomyocytes buckle when the heart contracts.

  • Teeth of the Skin

    Teeth of the Skin

    Image of the Week

    The head of a newly-hatched catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) imaged using 3D X-ray microscopy.

  • Colorizing Skin Cells

    Colorizing Skin Cells

    Image of the Week

    The “skinbow” zebrafish has color-coded skin cells when viewed in a microscope using UV light illumination.

  • Crystals and the Color of Skin

    Crystals and the Color of Skin

    Image of the Week

    The panther chameleon alters the arrangement of tiny crystals in its skin to change color.

  • Bioinspired by Seahorse Tails

    Bioinspired by Seahorse Tails

    Image of the Week

    The flexibility of the seahorse’s armored tail is inspiring novel designs with biomedical and architectural applications.

  • New Year Bash

    New Year Bash

    Image of the Week

    Some mantis shrimps, for example, Odontodactylus sp., can smash open prey, such as snails and crabs, using powerful specialized limbs.

  • Dottyback in Damselfish Clothing

    Dottyback in Damselfish Clothing

    Image of the Week

    Dottyback fish change color by altering the proportions of yellow and black pigment cells in their skin to mimic Damselfish.

  • A Billion Heartbeats

    A Billion Heartbeats

    Image of the Week

    The muscles of the mouse’s heart contract about 600 times per minute, or a billion times in its three-year lifespan.

  • One Bone, Two Bones...

    One Bone, Two Bones...

    Image of the Week

    This short-tailed fruit bat embryo shows a pattern of bones in its limbs characteristic of all tetrapods: one bone, two bones, lots of bones, digits. 

  • A Flower That Fits the Bill

    A Flower That Fits the Bill

    Image of the Week

    The bill of the buff-tailed sicklebill hummingbird is perfectly shaped to collect nectar from deep within the Centropogon flower.

  • Grasping Your Inner Monkey

    Grasping Your Inner Monkey

    Image of the Week

    The shape of our hands comes from tree-dwelling ancestors.

  • Your Armored Reptile

    Your Armored Reptile

    Image of the Week

    The Cape Cliff lizard sports a bony body armor.

  • Digging Your Inner Fish

    Digging Your Inner Fish

    Image of the Week

    Tiktaalik roseae, also known as the “fishapod,” is an animal that lived about 375 million years ago, with features of fish and four-legged animals.

  • Revealing the Inner Fish

    Revealing the Inner Fish

    Image of the Week

    The fins of the scalyhead sculpin are related to our arms.

  • Feeding a Hungry Heart

    Feeding a Hungry Heart

    Image of the Week

    An intricate three-dimensional network of blood vessels nourishes the heart.