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  • The Mammalian Timekeeper

    The Mammalian Timekeeper


    (57 min 50 sec) Dr. Takahashi describes the powerful strategies that he and others have harnessed for understanding biological clocks in mammals.

  • PERfect TIMing

    PERfect TIMing


    (57 min 32 sec) Dr. Rosbash discloses how scientists have persuaded Mother Nature to reveal the inner workings of the fruit fly's biological clock.

  • Unwinding Clock Genetics

    Unwinding Clock Genetics


    (56 min 42 sec) Although tiny in size, the fruit fly has had a major impact on our understanding of circadian rhythms.

  • Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time

    Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time


    Four lectures highlight the research of two scientists who have made groundbreaking discoveries elucidating the molecular basis of circadian clocks—the internal timekeepers that govern fluctuations in behavior and physiology on a 24-hour cycle.