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  • These Limbs Are Made for Walkin'...

    These Limbs Are Made for Walkin'...

    Image of the Week

    ... but that's not all they'll do. Several genes determine the diverse shapes and functions of crustacean appendages. 

  • Cytoplasmic Factors

    Cytoplasmic Factors


    (57 sec) Cytoplasmic factors play a significant part in determining how a cell develops. This segment discusses their importance in turning the appropriate genes on and off for proper development.

  • Classroom Activities: Gene Switches

    Classroom Activities: Gene Switches


    To accompany the lecture series Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads.

  • Pitx1 Expression

    Pitx1 Expression


    (55 sec) In the stickleback fish, pelvic-fin reduction resulted from changes in the regulatory switch elements of the Pitx1 gene. In the marine ancestor, the Pitx1 gene is activated in the pelvic-fin region during development to generate the fin. In the pelvic-reduced stickleback, the regulatory switch that normally turns on the Pitx1 gene is either missing or non-functional.

  • X Inactivation

    X Inactivation


    (55 sec) This animation shows how the random deactivation of one of the X chromosomes in a pair can lead to a mozaicism in the expression genes. 

  • MIX-1



    (3 min 39 sec) This animation shows how MIX-1 facilitates both chromosome condensation and dosage compensation.