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  • A Wasp Mom’s Gift: Blankets of Bacteria

    A Wasp Mom’s Gift: Blankets of Bacteria

    Feature Film

    (9 min 10 sec) You don’t want to be a honeybee when the beewolf is on the prowl.

  • Mosquitoes Might SAVE Lives, Thanks To Bacteria

    Mosquitoes Might SAVE Lives, Thanks To Bacteria

    Feature Film

    (9 min 4 sec) Dengue fever is a deadly mosquito-borne virus that plagues the earth, but science is inching closer to an unlikely solution: bacteria.

  • Termites Digest Wood Thanks To Microbes

    Termites Digest Wood Thanks To Microbes

    Feature Film

    (7 min 11 sec) The next time you spot a termite chomping down on wood, know that they’re not dining alone.

  • Friend and Foe

    Friend and Foe

    Image of the Week

    Endosymbiotic Wolbachia bacteria inhabit the germline tissue of the parasitic nematode, Brugia pahangi.

  • How Lizards Find Their Way Home

    How Lizards Find Their Way Home

    Scientists at Work

    (8 min 33 sec) When Dr. Manuel Leal removed lizards from an area in the forest, he noticed an interesting phenomenon: all the lizards seemed to be back the next day. Watch as he sets up an experiment to study how these lizards navigate home. Also available in Spanish.

  • Studying Elephant Communication

    Studying Elephant Communication

    Scientists at Work

    (6 min 43 sec) Elephants can communicate over long distances using low-frequency sounds that travel both in the air and through the ground. Scientists are studying whether elephants can “hear” and interpret these ground vibrations.

  • Bat Echolocation

    Bat Echolocation

    Data Point

    In this study, researchers tested whether bats change their behavior while hunting based on feedback from echolocation.

  • How Animals Use Sound to Communicate

    How Animals Use Sound to Communicate

    Click & Learn

    Using elephants, finches, bats, and moths, as case studies, explore different aspects of how animals use sound to communicate.

  • WildCam Lab

    WildCam Lab

    Click & Learn

    The WildCam Lab is a part of WildCam Gorongosa, an online citizen science platform where users identify animals in trail camera photos. Using the WildCam Lab, students can investigate ecological questions and test hypotheses by exploring trail camera data using an interactive map. 

  • Bioinspired by Seahorse Tails

    Bioinspired by Seahorse Tails

    Image of the Week

    The flexibility of the seahorse’s armored tail is inspiring novel designs with biomedical and architectural applications.

  • Mozambique Mounds

    Mozambique Mounds

    Image of the Week

    Termite mounds in central Mozambique appear as regularly spaced islands of dark-green vegetation in a sea of grassland. 

  • Wait for Me!

    Wait for Me!

    Image of the Week

    A remote trail camera captures a photo of an elephant calf trying to catch up to the rest of its family group in Gorongosa National Park.

  • WildCam Gorongosa

    WildCam Gorongosa

    Click & Learn

    Researchers in Gorongosa National Park use remote trail cameras to study the park’s wildlife. You can contribute to this important research through WildCam Gorongosa, an online citizen science platform.

  • School's Back!

    School's Back!

    Image of the Week

    Golden shiner fish (Notemigonus crysoleucas) stay in school for the shade.

  • Tick Hiker

    Tick Hiker

    Image of the Week

    An adult female Blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis), commonly known as the deer tick, awaits passing wildlife. 

  • Shades of Pollen

    Shades of Pollen

    Image of the Week

    The variety of colors of cells in a honeycomb comes from pollen collected from different plant species.

  • The Art of Hiding

    The Art of Hiding

    Image of the Week

    Animal mimics evolved markings that make them look either like other animals or inanimate objects.

  • Save Our Sawfish

    Save Our Sawfish

    Image of the Week

    A smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) patrols the murky waters of the Everglades National Park in Florida.

  • Warthog Love

    Warthog Love

    Image of the Week

    Warthog mothers look after their young in small family groups.

  • Synchronized Division

    Synchronized Division

    Image of the Week

    The early embryonic cells of the sand dollar are caught in the act of synchronized cell division.

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