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  • Infection Engines

    Infection Engines

    Image of the Week

    A group of intracellular tachyzoites of the toxoplasmosis-causing parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

  • Eating Wood

    Eating Wood

    Image of the Week

    A soldier Dampwood termite (Zootermopsis nevadensis) in a nest gallery.

  • Deadly Straw

    Deadly Straw

    Image of the Week

    Blood cells adorn the proboscis of a female mosquito.

  • A Model Microbe

    A Model Microbe

    Image of the Week

    Tetrahymena thermophila is a freshwater unicellular ciliated protozoan related to Paramecium.

  • A Predator in the Plankton

    A Predator in the Plankton

    Image of the Week

    The comb jelly (Beroe cucumis) uses its large mouth and cilia-powered motor to prey upon members of the plankton family, including other ctenophores.

  • Life and Pi

    Life and Pi

    Image of the Week

    Many groups of organisms, including some diatoms, are radially symmetrical, and look like circles when seen end on. 

  • Secret of Coral-Reef Survival

    Secret of Coral-Reef Survival

    Image of the Week

    Reef-building corals depend on brown-colored symbiotic algae for survival.