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  • Model Microbiome

    Model Microbiome

    Image of the Week

    A section of the colon of a germ-free mouse colonized with fifteen different species of bacteria characteristic of the human gut.

  • Sharing Germs

    Sharing Germs

    Image of the Week

    Young green iguanas feed on the droppings of their elders in order to collect bacteria that enable them to digest plants.

  • Living Together

    Living Together

    Image of the Week

    Flow patterns generated by cilia around the light organ of the Hawaiian bobtail squid (Euprymna scolopes).

  • Fountains of Life

    Fountains of Life

    Image of the Week

    Densely packed endosymbiotic bacteria (Endoriftia persephone) in the trophosome of a tube worm living in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent.

  • Snow Seeds

    Snow Seeds

    Image of the Week

    Snowflakes are generated when ice builds up on either dust particles or microorganisms in the atmosphere.

  • Friend and Foe

    Friend and Foe

    Image of the Week

    Endosymbiotic Wolbachia bacteria inhabit the germline tissue of the parasitic nematode, Brugia pahangi.

  • The Secret Life of Beewolves

    The Secret Life of Beewolves

    Image of the Week

    Cross-section through the antenna of a female beewolf, Philanthinus quattuordecimpunctatus.

  • Evolution At Warp Speed

    Evolution At Warp Speed

    Image of the Week

    Understanding the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance by bacteria is essential in the war against scary superbugs.

  • With A Little Help From My Microbiome

    With A Little Help From My Microbiome

    Image of the Week

    Koalas are able to spend most of their lives in the relative safety of eucalypt trees by virtue of a digestive system adapted to eating their leaves.

  • Fellow Travelers

    Fellow Travelers

    Image of the Week

    The human body is home to some thirty-nine trillion microbes that live in or on it.

  • Cheese Pi

    Cheese Pi

    Image of the Week

    Colonies of bacteria from the rind of a cave-aged cheese, cultured on a petri dish.

  • Party Like A Microbe

    Party Like A Microbe

    Image of the Week

    Fluorescence microscopy reveals bacterial communities in human dental plaque.

  • Seeing Single Molecules

    Seeing Single Molecules

    Image of the Week

    Pushing the limits of light microscopy to the nanoscale, new technology allows visualization of single proteins in cells.