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  • Virus Explorer

    Virus Explorer

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    Explore the similarities and differences of a variety of viruses by sorting them based on structure, genomic make-up, host range, transmission mechanism, and vaccine availability.

  • From Birds to People: The West Nile Virus Story

    From Birds to People: The West Nile Virus Story

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    West Nile virus infects mosquitoes, birds, and people—with very different consequences.

  • Virochip DNA Microarray

    Virochip DNA Microarray

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    Answer interactive questions to explore the logic of the Virochip microarray design, particularly how evolutionary relationships can be used to detect new viruses.

  • Stopping Mosquito-Borne Disease

    Stopping Mosquito-Borne Disease

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    Learn about the nature of vector-borne diseases, and the life cycle of the dengue vector mosquito.

  • Drug Adherence and Resistance

    Drug Adherence and Resistance

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    Problems associated with adherence to antiviral drugs, and a student activity that mimics adherence to a multi-drug regimen.

  • Retroviruses and Viral Diversity

    Retroviruses and Viral Diversity

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    A brief discussion of what makes a virus a retrovirus, and how they differ from other types of viruses.

  • Test Your Knowledge of Microbes

    Test Your Knowledge of Microbes

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    Take this quiz to see how well you understand some of the topics covered in the 1999 Holiday Lectures on infectious disease.