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  • Top Notch Model Organism

    Top Notch Model Organism

    Image of the Week

    Close-up of cells in a fruit fly eye at the pupal stage stained with antibodies to the Notch protein.

  • Designer Proteins

    Designer Proteins

    Image of the Week

    Scientists are custom-designing proteins, like these nanocages with many green fluorescent proteins attached

  • Fellowship of the Rings

    Fellowship of the Rings

    Image of the Week

    The nuclear pore is a complex of three rings of proteins that controls the passage of materials in and out of the nucleus.

  • To Brine, Or Not To Brine?

    To Brine, Or Not To Brine?

    Image of the Week

    Soaking your Thanksgiving turkey in a salt solution (brine) alters the arrangement of muscle fiber protein molecules.