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  • Firefly Pyrotechnics

    Firefly Pyrotechnics

    Image of the Week

    Most firefly species employ characteristic patterns of bioluminescent flashes to elicit responses from potential mates.

  • Designer Proteins

    Designer Proteins

    Image of the Week

    Scientists are custom-designing proteins, like these nanocages with many green fluorescent proteins attached

  • Trojan Micro Horses

    Trojan Micro Horses

    Image of the Week

    Spheres made from sugar polymers hide insulin-producing cells from attack by the immune system.

  • Bird's Eye View

    Bird's Eye View

    Image of the Week

    Unlike the human retina, in which red and green cones are randomly distributed, the five cone types of the bird’s retina are arranged in a highly regular mosaic.

  • Coloring the Past

    Coloring the Past

    Image of the Week

    An electron micrograph of tightly-packed melanosomes in a 55.4-million-year-old fossil bird feather unearthed in Denmark.

  • What Makes Flowers Red?

    What Makes Flowers Red?

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    The petals of flowers get their vibrant colors from cells packed with pigments such as orange carotenoids and pink anthocyanins.