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  • What Makes Flowers Red?

    What Makes Flowers Red?

    Image of the Week

    The petals of flowers get their vibrant colors from cells packed with pigments such as orange carotenoids and pink anthocyanins.

  • Eavesdropping on Tiny Conspiracies

    Eavesdropping on Tiny Conspiracies


    (58 min 29 sec) The quorum sensing system is a target for a new class of drugs that interfere with virulence without killing bacteria.

  • Demonstration: Quorum sensing molecules

    Demonstration: Quorum sensing molecules


    (50 sec) Quorum sensing signal molecules have parts that are common between species as well as species-specific parts.

  • The LUX operon controls light production

    The LUX operon controls light production


    (2 min 25 sec) A single transcription factor controls this operon, which contains five genes necessary to produce bioluminescence.

  • AZT blocks reverse transcriptase

    AZT blocks reverse transcriptase


    (1 min 46 sec) HIV's reverse transcriptase mistakes AZT for thymidine. Once incorporated, AZT stops reverse transcription.