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  • Screening chemical libraries with robotics

    Screening chemical libraries with robotics


    (1 min 24 sec) Robotic equipment makes it possible to screen massive chemical libraries in just a matter of days.

  • Microarray Manufacturing Technology

    Microarray Manufacturing Technology

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    How both gene chips and microarray slides are created.

  • Chemical Genomics: New Tools for Medicine

    Chemical Genomics: New Tools for Medicine


    (58 min 29 sec) Scientists now have the ability to create millions of new molecules. How do they test whether any of these molecules are useful?

  • Probing Genes and Genomes

    Probing Genes and Genomes


    (58 min) To understand life's processes, perturb them. How a process responds to an insult can provide clues about normal function or mimic a specific disease state.

  • Scanning Life's Matrix: Genes, Proteins, and Small Molecules

    Scanning Life's Matrix: Genes, Proteins, and Small Molecules


    In four presentations, Stuart L. Schreiber, PhD, and Eric S. Lander, PhD, open a window onto the fast-paced world of genomic science and chemical genetics.

  • Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

    Diversity-Oriented Synthesis


    (5 min 42 sec) Diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) is a strategy used by chemical biologists to create a huge diversity of small molecules with potentially useful properties. A scientist working in Dr. Stuart Schreiber's lab shows us how engineering, computer science, chemisty, and biology are all used in DOS.

  • Small-Molecule Microarrays

    Small-Molecule Microarrays


    (1 min) Microarray technology is useful for screening many small molecules at once. Automated devices have made it possible for thousands of different small molecules to be printed as an array of spots on a glass slide. A single type of protein which has been tagged with a fluorescent marker can then be washed across the array. Any small molecule that binds to the protein can be detected by scanning for spots that are fluorescent.

  • Diversity of Small Molecules

    Diversity of Small Molecules


    (1 min 57 sec) A molecular menagerie of small molecules is displayed, with two particular molecules singled out for attention: rapamycin and furrowstatin, which are discussed in the remainder of Dr. Schreiber's lectures on chemical genetics.