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  • Seed Dispersal and Habitat Fragmentation

    Seed Dispersal and Habitat Fragmentation

    Scientists at Work

    (8 min 3 sec) Watch researchers follow brown spider monkeys in a tropical forest of Colombia to determine which plant seeds they are dispersing. Seed dispersers are critical to the forest’s ability to grow and regenerate. 

  • Super Stoma

    Super Stoma

    Image of the Week

    The stomata of grasses (singular stoma) function more efficiently than those of other plants.

  • Under the Hemiparasite

    Under the Hemiparasite

    Image of the Week

    Many of the 1400 or so species of mistletoes are hemiparasites—they obtain at least part of their nutrition from the host tree.

  • Lesson 6 - Biomes and Landscapes

    Lesson 6 - Biomes and Landscapes


    In this lesson, students will use an interactive map of Gorongosa National Park to learn about biomes. They will then explore E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth iBook to learn about the varied landscapes and vegetation types in Gorongosa.