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  • Sharing Germs

    Sharing Germs

    Image of the Week

    Young green iguanas feed on the droppings of their elders in order to collect bacteria that enable them to digest plants.

  • Eating Wood

    Eating Wood

    Image of the Week

    A soldier Dampwood termite (Zootermopsis nevadensis) in a nest gallery.

  • Helena With Cub

    Helena With Cub

    Image of the Week

    A lioness relaxing with her cub in Gorongosa National Park, where scientists are studying the recovery of the lion population. 

  • Wait for Me!

    Wait for Me!

    Image of the Week

    A remote trail camera captures a photo of an elephant calf trying to catch up to the rest of its family group in Gorongosa National Park.

  • You Lookin' at Me?

    You Lookin' at Me?

    Image of the Week

    Waterbucks caught in the act as they eat their way in front of a trail camera in Mozambique, Africa.

  • Party Like A Microbe

    Party Like A Microbe

    Image of the Week

    Fluorescence microscopy reveals bacterial communities in human dental plaque.