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  • Relish the Cranberry

    Relish the Cranberry

    Image of the Week

    Most of the cranberries used for Thanksgiving dinner are “wet harvested” by flooding cranberry marshes.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Desmid

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Desmid

    Image of the Week

    These tiny star-shaped organisms are single-celled, freshwater green algae called desmids.

  • Lesson 6 - Biomes and Landscapes

    Lesson 6 - Biomes and Landscapes


    In this lesson, students will use an interactive map of Gorongosa National Park to learn about biomes. They will then explore E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth iBook to learn about the varied landscapes and vegetation types in Gorongosa.

  • Patterns in Nature

    Patterns in Nature


    (35 min 51 sec) Regular spatial patterns abound in natural systems. Understanding how patterns arise in ecosystems provides insights into how these ecosystems function.

  • Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Termite Mound Patterns

    Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Termite Mound Patterns

    Data Point

    Dr. Corina Tarnita and colleagues studied how a pattern of termite mounds across a dryland ecosystem enhances resilience against desertification.