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  • Snow Seeds

    Snow Seeds

    Image of the Week

    Snowflakes are generated when ice builds up on either dust particles or microorganisms in the atmosphere.

  • To Boldly Go

    To Boldly Go

    Image of the Week

    A green sea turtle hatchling makes a break for the South Atlantic Ocean from the beach on Ascension Island at sunset.

  • Gorongosa's Water Cycle

    Gorongosa's Water Cycle


    (2 min 15 sec) This animation illustrates the main stages of the water cycle in the setting of Gorongosa National Park.

  • Africa's Savanna Ecosystems

    Africa's Savanna Ecosystems


    (24 min 56 sec) Savannas cover 20 percent of Earth’s surface and much of Africa. The patterns and processes that occur in this globally important biome illustrate core concepts in ecology.