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  • Ultrasonic Evolution

    Ultrasonic Evolution

    Image of the Week

    The inner ear of a 13-million-year-old shark-toothed dolphin.

  • Jurassic Mammal Teeth

    Jurassic Mammal Teeth

    Image of the Week

    A three-dimensional model of a fossilized jaw from a mouse-sized mammal that lived during the Jurassic Period.

  • Coloring the Past

    Coloring the Past

    Image of the Week

    An electron micrograph of tightly-packed melanosomes in a 55.4-million-year-old fossil bird feather unearthed in Denmark.

  • In A Different Light

    In A Different Light

    Image of the Week

    A tree scorpion illuminated with UV light gives off a blue-green glow.

  • Your Turkey’s Ancestors

    Your Turkey’s Ancestors

    Image of the Week

    A reconstruction of Anchiornis huxleyi, a feathered dinosaur that is part of the ancestral lineage of birds.

  • Piecing Together Our Past

    Piecing Together Our Past

    Image of the Week

    The skull of Zinjanthropus is one of the first early hominid fossils found in Africa and provides essential clues in the story of human evolution.

  • One Bone, Two Bones...

    One Bone, Two Bones...

    Image of the Week

    This short-tailed fruit bat embryo shows a pattern of bones in its limbs characteristic of all tetrapods: one bone, two bones, lots of bones, digits. 

  • Digging Your Inner Fish

    Digging Your Inner Fish

    Image of the Week

    Tiktaalik roseae, also known as the “fishapod,” is an animal that lived about 375 million years ago, with features of fish and four-legged animals.