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  • Fountains of Life

    Fountains of Life

    Image of the Week

    Densely packed endosymbiotic bacteria (Endoriftia persephone) in the trophosome of a tube worm living in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent.

  • Origins of Antibiotic Resistance

    Origins of Antibiotic Resistance

    Data Point

    Scientists collected bacteria from locations that had never been exposed to humans or modern antibiotics to determine if antibiotic resistance is newly evolved since the introduction of antibiotics or has evolved independently.

  • The Secret Life of Beewolves

    The Secret Life of Beewolves

    Image of the Week

    Cross-section through the antenna of a female beewolf, Philanthinus quattuordecimpunctatus.

  • Evolution At Warp Speed

    Evolution At Warp Speed

    Image of the Week

    Understanding the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance by bacteria is essential in the war against scary superbugs.