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  • In Memoriam: Bob Paine

    In Memoriam: Bob Paine


    Sean Carroll and Bob Paine on a film shoot in January 2016.

  • A Week of Awards for BioInteractive Resources!

    A Week of Awards for BioInteractive Resources!


    Different resources on BioInteractive won prestigious awards this week. 

  • It's a Fishapod!

    It's a Fishapod!


    This article by Sean B. Carroll tells the story of the search for and discovery of Tiktaalik, an animal with a mix of fish and tetrapod features—a fishapod! It supplements the short film Great Transitions: The Origin of Tetrapods, starring Neil Shubin.

  • Article: The Day the Mesozoic Died

    Article: The Day the Mesozoic Died


    A short article by Dr. Sean B. Carroll detailing the discoveries covered in the film The Day The Mesozoic Died.

  • How Did We Get Here?

    How Did We Get Here?


    From the inheritance of acquired traits to natural selection to evo devo, evolutionary theory has itself evolved.

  • The Evolution of Cancer

    The Evolution of Cancer


    Cancers grow and spread by a process akin to evolution.

  • Understanding Cancer Diversity

    Understanding Cancer Diversity


    Cancer occurs when a single cell acquires the ability to reproduce aggressively and to invade other tissues. Left unchecked, this anarchy destroys the cellular society. It interferes with the body's normal function, destroys organs, and eventually kills the organism.