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Potent Biology: Stem Cells, Cloning, and Regeneration


Doug Melton and Nadia Rosenthal are leaders in stem cell research, working primarily with mouse and human tissue. They will discuss where embryonic and adult stem cells come from and the biology of how they supply the cells the body needs.

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Stem cells are fundamental to biology. In the course of embryonic development, stem cells generate all the specialized cells that populate body tissues like muscle, the nervous system, and blood. In adults, reserves of stem cells repair and regenerate tissues damaged by disease and wounding. Because of the potential of stem cells to generate fresh, healthy cells, there is a huge interest in cultivating them to treat various diseases. This year's Holiday Lectures will explore exciting progress toward the goal of harnessing stem cells to treat diabetes, nerve damage, and heart disease.

In This Series (5)

by Douglas A. Melton, PhD

An overview of embryonic development, the progressive differentiation of cells, and properties of embryonic stem cells.

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by Nadia Rosenthal, PhD

The role of stem cells in regeneration, and ongoing research to improve mammalian regeneration potency.

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by Douglas A. Melton, PhD

In cloning, a cell's genetic machinery is reprogrammed. Can we similarly coax stem cells to become specific cell types?

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by Nadia Rosenthal, PhD

Finding factors to reverse age-related loss of cell maintenance, and some examples of stem cell therapies.

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by Douglas A. Melton, PhD and Nadia Rosenthal, PhD

A discussion on policies and ethical issues associated with stem cell research.

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In four presentations, Dr. Douglas A. Melton and Dr. Nadia Rosenthal discuss how stem cells may hold the key for curing diseases and unlocking the secrets of regeneration.

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