The Making of the Fittest: Got Lactase? The Co-evolution of Genes and Culture


Follow human geneticist Spencer Wells, Director of the Genographic Project of the National Geographic Society, as he tracks down the genetic changes associated with the ability to digest lactose as adults.

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(Duration: 14 min 52 sec)
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Curriculum Connections:

  • AP Biology (2012-2013) - 28
AP Biology (2012-2013)
1.A.1.a, 1.A.1.b, 1.A.1.c, 1.A.1.d, 1.A.1.e, 1.A.2.a, 1.A.2.b, 1.A.2.c, 1.C.3.a, 1.C.3.b, 3.A.1.a, 3.A.1.c, 3.A.1.d, 3.B.1.a, 3.B.1.b, 3.B.1.c, 3.B.1.d, 3.C.1.a, 3.C.1.b, 3.C.1.d, 3.C.2.a, 4.A.1.a, 4.A.1.b, 4.B.1.a, 4.B.1.b, 4.B.1.c, 4.C.2.a, 4.C.2.b