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Image of the Week


A weekly image selected from the striking imagery produced every day by scientists around the world.

Image of the Week is a new feature on the HHMI BioInteractive website; a widely used resource of educational materials.  A different image will be posted each week in order to highlight topics in the Life and Earth Sciences.  Each of the images will be accompanied by a short description together with information about the author and web links for further study.  The images will be archived on the HHMI BioInteractive website, and will be made freely available for download from a searchable database for educational purposes. For more info on Image of the Week or how to submit, consult the Related Materials to the right.

Image Gallery

by Ted Daeschler, The Academy of Natural Sciences
by Adam Summers, Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington
by Suren Manvelyan
by Matt Gibson, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
by Igor Siwanowicz, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Ashburn, VA
by Omer Bayraktar, University of Oregon
by Nipam H. Patel, University of California, Berkeley
by Nicole King, University of California, Berkeley
by Mark L. Riccio, Cornell University’s BRC CT Imaging Facility, and Flavio H. Fenton, Georgia Institute of Technology
by Igor Siwanowicz, Janelia Farm Research Campus