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What did Earth look like 250 million years ago? Or 1 billion years ago? Or 4.5 billion years ago? EarthViewer is an interactive tool that allows you to explore the science of Earth's deep history. Get it now from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Apps.

To use a browser-based version on your desktop or laptop computer, click here.

What did Earth look like 250 million years ago? Or 1 billion years ago? Or 4.5 billion years ago? What was the climate like in the deep past?

Find the answers with EarthViewer, an interactive tool for exploring the science of Earth's deep history. From molten mass to snowball earth, EarthViewer lets you see continents grow and shift as you scroll through billions of years. Additional layers let you and your students explore changes in atmospheric composition, temperature, biodiversity, day length, and solar luminosity over deep time.

"EarthViewer was conceived as a high school-level resource, but its engaging interface and well-executed information screens make it accessible to students as young as sixth grade as they develop understanding in the disciplinary core ideas of the Next Generation Science Standards.[...] The app provides additional, unique opportunities to address Common Core State Standards (CCSS), ELA, for grades 6-12, especially in the Integration of Knowledge and Ideas and the Research to Built and Present Knowledge areas. [...] an excellent app that can be at the center of inquiry-based learning in any classroom."

—Kari Augustine, The Science Teacher, October 2013


  • 2013 NSF Science and Engineering Visualization Award; Honorable Mention
  • 2013 Communicator Awards; Silver Award of Distinction

EarthViewer Video Tour

EarthViewer is loaded with images, data, and in-depth guides. Watch this video for a quick tour of this exciting app.

EarthViewer Data Files

Examine the raw data used to create the charts included in EarthViewer. Millions of years' worth of data are available for carbon dioxide concentrations, temperature, biodiversity, and more. Have your students plot their own charts and graphs!

EarthViewer Facebook page

Visit the EarthViewer Facebook page to find tips, provide suggestions, and connect with other users. 'Like us' to receive instant updates about EarthViewer.

The Android version of EarthViewer on Google Play and the Amazon App Store is supported only for 7" and 10" tablets. Users who wish to install and try it on smaller devices including phones running Android Version 4.0 or newer can manually install the app from the link below. On your Android device, go to Settings -> Security, then enable Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources). After changing your security settings you can download and install the APK file. Remember to restore your security settings after installing the app.

Please note: EarthViewer is not officially supported on phones or small tablets as it has not been optimized for small screens.


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