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Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time


Four lectures highlight the research of two scientists who have made groundbreaking discoveries elucidating the molecular basis of circadian clocks—the internal timekeepers that govern fluctuations in behavior and physiology on a 24-hour cycle.

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Michael Rosbash, PhD, and Joseph Takahashi, PhD, explain what circadian clocks are, how they work, and what relevance this knowledge might have for human health.

Dr. Rosbash is an HHMI investigator, professor of biology at Brandeis University, and adjunct professor of molecular biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Takahashi is an HHMI investigator, Walter and Mary Elizabeth Glass Professor of Neurobiology and Physiology at Northwestern University, and professor of neurology at Northwestern University Medical School.

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by Joseph S. Takahashi, PhD

Dr. Joseph Takahashi takes us on an exciting journey into a very special region of the brain—the biological clock that governs...

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by Michael Rosbash, PhD

Although tiny in size, the fruit fly has had a major impact on our understanding of circadian rhythms.

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by Michael Rosbash, PhD

Dr. Rosbash discloses how scientists have persuaded Mother Nature to reveal the inner workings of the fruit fly's biological...

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by Joseph S. Takahashi, PhD

Dr. Takahashi describes the powerful strategies that he and others have harnessed for understanding biological clocks in...

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