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BioInteractive at NSTA in Boston


BioInteractive will be in Boston on April 3–5 for the National Science Teachers Association meeting. Stop by booth #843, join us for HHMI’s Night at the Movies, and participate in hands-on workshops featuring free classroom-ready activities!

Special Event

Join evolutionary biologist Sean B. Carroll for the premiere of HHMI’s short film Great Transitions on Thursday, April 3 at 6pm in the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Grand Ballroom A/B. Refreshments will be served.


Come to our interactive and hands-on workshops Thursday and Friday in Convention Center Room 107A to learn about and receive new classroom-ready videos, activities, lessons, and more!

Thursday, April 3
8:00–9:30 am Genotype to Phenotype: Mapping Genes to Traits in Dogs
10:00–11:30 am Fossil and Genetic Evidence of Human Evolution
12:00–1:30 pm Genomic Neuroscience: From Synapse to Autism
2:00–3:30 pm From DNA Structure to the Genomic Era
4:00–5:30 pm Biology on Geologic Timescales
Friday, April 4
8:00–9:30 am STEM Resources for Teaching Climate Change: Easy, Engaging, and Free
10:00–11:30 am Math and Statistics in the Biology Classroom
12:00–1:30 pm How and Why Species Multiply: Free Resources for Teaching Speciation
2:00–3:30 pm Meet Your Inner Fish and Other Great Transitions in Evolution
4:00–5:30 pm Using Cancer to Teach Cell Biology

Click here to download BioInteractive’s complete schedule of events at NSTA in Boston.